The Versatility of Video: Customer Testimonials

One of our favorite ways to utilize video is to show customer testimonials. The customer testimonial is a very important and powerful marketing tool that everyone should have have at their disposal, as long as they’re doing a great job. As a potential client, nothing is more convincing than hearing about a current customer’s experience,… conintue reading.

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The Versatility of Video: Thought Leadership

We’ve been really utilizing Vimeo lately as a way to showcase our video capabilities, and that got us thinking about, well, video! We love video, and use this medium for many promotional purposes for our clients. In the last several years, video has been the number one trending social media marketing medium. And for good… conintue reading.

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Super Bowl 2017: What Did We Learn?

Maybe you sat on the edge of your seat and watched every second of the game. Maybe you watched SNL episodes on your computer and later Googled the best Super Bowl ads (not naming names). Whichever way you watched, there were lessons to be learned, and no we’re not talking about the ones on the… conintue reading.