Social Media

4 Tips for Better Tweeting

tweetingAre you on Twitter? Well, you should be. Twitter can be a great tool for connecting with current customers, potential customers and keeping an eye on your competition. Like Facebook, Twitter’s main purpose is for conversation and sharing, but its a bit more simple and streamlined. But just like any other social media tools, there are wrong and right ways of using it. Today we’re sharing several tips for how to get the best social engagement out of twitter.

  1. Your Twitter account should act as customer service. If someone mentions you in a post with either a complaint or a question, it should be addressed right away. Not only will you be helping your customer, you’ll also be showing the rest of your followers that you value customer support. You should consider your Twitter account to be a part of your customer service front because it’s a way for your customers to reach you. Address concerns right away, preferably in a public post so that others can see the care that you put in to engaging with others. (You can always further your conversation via direct message, email or phone if it requires more personal attention).
  2. Share and be shared. Social media is not a one way street. Yes, it’s a great place to share a blog post, brag about your product or services, but you need to engage with others and share their valuable content as well. Did someone in your newsfeed post a great blog post that is relevant to your business area? Share a link to the post and don’t forget to tag the author in your post. This will show the other people in your network that you care about collaborating. It will also make them more likely to share your content as well.
  3. Hashtag with purpose. Yeah, it can be super annoying when you see someone add twenty different hashtags at the end of each post. But these little tags really do serve a purpose. Many events like conferences assign a hashtag so that attendees and followers can see all relevant tweets. Make sure you utilize these hashtags for optimum exposure. It’s also a great way to find and connect with people that attend the same events as you.
  4. Thank people. Some people go overboard with this–you don’t need to individually thank every new follower that you get. But if someone reaches out to you, compliments you, shares a blog post with you or shares your own post, a brief “hey thanks!” really goes a long way. It shows that you are engaged with your followers and actually spend time reading your posts.