6 Benefits of a Company Blog

17331448452_b79e2b63d1_zDo you have a blog for your company? Do you regularly update it with interesting content? For way too many companies, the answer is no! You have enough tasks on your plate and adding blogging to the list seems like just one extra thing to do. And it couldn’t possibly
help your bottom line, could it? We’re here to convince you otherwise. Blogging can definitely benefit your business. Here are six reasons why.

  1. Demonstrates Your Expertise

Blogging establishes you as an expert in your industry. Blog posts are almost like miniature samples of your work that are easy and quick to read. Did you pick up an awesome new client or partner? Announce it on your blog. Have some tips to share? Write a post that demonstrates your knowledge. We’re not saying you need to give away all your trade secrets. But showing your audience that you know what you’re doing will make them more likely to come to you first.
2.  Content for Social Media

Blog posts make great content for your social media networks. Social media is all about give and take, so we like to use a formula of sharing others’ stuff just as much as we share our own. You certainly don’t want your social media to just look like a running advertisement for your company. But if you’re providing your audience with useful and interesting content, they will be more likely to share it and draw others to your site and your brand. Most blogging platforms have the capability to add links to each post that allow readers to quickly share the content on all the various social media accounts.

3.  The Opportunity to Connect with Others

Blogging is a great way to meet others in your industry as well as potential clients. Part of blogging is commenting and sharing. You can make some great connections in the comments section of your blog and by connecting with others who share your content. When someone shares your blog post on Twitter or Facebook, don’t forget to thank them. This small gesture could lead to new and beneficial relationships.

4.  Increases in Traffic to your Website
Now for the technical stuff. Having a blog will actually increase traffic to your website. Google likes freshly updated content, and every time you publish a blog post, the more pages from your site become indexed for search. Long story short, you’re more likely to attract visitors from a web search with a freshly updated blog on your site. (We definitely suggest hosting your blog within your own company website for this reason.)

5. Humanizes Your Brand

We’ve talked about humanizing your brand before, and blogging is a great way to do this. It’s a great place to demonstrate your expertise with how-to and informative posts, but it’s also a great place to showcase your employees, learn more about your CEO, talk about issues that are important to you and your brand. This makes your company more relatable and its people more recognizable.

Don’t think you have time for blogging? Let us handle it for you. Give us a call today!