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Client Spotlight: Linked Senior


Did you know that June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month? This cause is near and dear to our hearts as we specialize in healthcare, particularly post-acute care and senior living. We interact with provider facilities all the time and get to learn about the particular challenges that they and their residents and patients face. Of course, some of the most devastating diseases that affect the older populations are brain-related, like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

So we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to one of our clients, Linked Senior. When you go to Linked Senior’s website, it couldn’t be more clear what their mission is: to manage the behaviors associated with dementia through life enrichment. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

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The company develops life enrichment solutions that helps combat dementia in a fun and engaging way. Their approach is deeply rooted in dementia and brain health research by some of the nation’s leading dementia practitioners. They use this research to develop plans for care that involve technology, family and clinical care.

Their proprietary system is a therapeutic platform with a touchscreen interface (like a tablet) and web-based applications. The activities provide the person with stimulation and meaningful engagement, no matter their cognitive ability. It is person-centered and totally tailored to the individual. Activities like games, music, trivia and videos are available in a simple and engaging format. And because it’s web-based, the content is updated daily. The platform also collects data and tracks progress, so that care plans can be adapted as the person progresses.

So far, the results of using Linked Senior in care facilities have been tremendous. Residents and staff alike have reported great success and more engagement with the easy to use and intuitive platform. The services offered by the company have decreased the use of antipsychotics in some residents. Here’s a particularly poignant testimonial from one user:

“One of our mobile but (by his choice) room bound residents was introduced to Linked Senior. He spent a very long time exploring it, especially things to do with baseball. It got him out of the room for something other than a shower and that’s the point I want to make. He is excited about it and couldn’t wait for his friends to visit to show them. This IS what it’s all about, Thank you.”

Bob DeMaria
Mt. Vernon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Mt. Vernon, VA

We are so very excited to be working with Linked Senior and can’t wait to help them reach their next level of growth and expansion!