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Getting More out of Linked In

Getting themost out ofLinked IN


Are you fully utilizing LinkedIn to get the most benefit out of it? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you network and get more leads.

Create a Company Page

Many business owners make their own personal profile on LinkedIn but don’t think about setting up a separate page for their company. This is both essential and simple to do! Your company page is easy to set up and will contain basic information and images that reflect your brand. Others can follow the company page with their own accounts and receive any updates and posts that you make on your page.

Share your Content

Did you just write a great blog post or create a webinar? Share it!¬†LinkedIn offers a great network to expose your content to. You can also publish blog posts on their Publisher feature. When you write a post on Publisher, a notification is sent to your 1st degree connections and they can see your content. It’s a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader and to expose more people to your company. If your content really shines and LinkedIn likes it, you may even be featured on their Pulse feature, which exposes you to a huge audience.

Post Jobs

If you’re looking for employees or contractors, posting a job listing on LinkedIn can help you find the right candidates. You may get better results than simply posting on a job board.