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Humanizing Your Social Media

humanizingOne problem we’ve noticed time and time again is the misuse of social media for marketing purposes. So many brands see social media as a digital billboard, where they can post their messages and shove them right in the faces of their potential customers. Not only is this annoying to everyone, it’s also not at all effective.

Social media is a give and take process. You have to give as much, if not more, than you take.

Use Your Own Voice:

Always use your own first-person voice. People are following you to hear from you, not an inanimate brand name. They want to know the person behind the brand or company and interact with a real person.

For example, imagine reading this update:

“ABC Brand is proud to announce our partnership with DEF Brand!”


“I’m so excited to tell you about the new partnership I’ve formed with DEF Brand. Today I sat down with company president @BobSmith to talk about the promising future for our clients and partners. Stay tuned for more!”

The second makes you feel so much more connected to the person behind the brand. You’re excited for her new partnership, are introduced to another person in the update and are witnessing the real human relationships that are forming behind business deals.

Getting to know the person behind the company’s face allows customers to feel like they are forming a personal relationship. A person is much more likely to feel brand loyalty towards something they feel a personal connection to.

(Note: Did you know that there are two of us that post on this blog and on social media? So if you ever see a post that’s referring to Pam, that’s because I (Emily) am posting!)

Share Personal Things:

Make a point to share personal things. You don’t have to give the gritty details on a health ailment–too personal! But showing your human side will make you more relatable. Share a photo of your kids at a company picnic or even a work travel selfie. Speaking of selfies, it’s a great idea to share them every once in a while. Using your face on some of your account photos will make people feel like they’re talking to a person and not just a company.

Inject Humor:

This kind of relates to sharing personal news. Nothing connects people like sharing a laugh. And the internet is FULL of funny gems. Share a funny meme that passed across your Facebook feed or Instagram a photo of one of your coworker’s office pranks. Using humor brings some lightness to your posts and makes people want to come back for more.

Show REAL Interest:

Yes, you should get personal on your social media posts, but not everything should be about you. The purpose of social media is to interact with others, and this goes for brands as well. For every post about you or your brand, or promoting your work, there should be two more posts sharing others’ content, congratulating a colleague or addressing a customer’s concern. It may sound counterintuitive to spend so much time promoting others, but the reward is that you will form positive and meaningful relationships, which you’ll ultimately see in your bottom line.