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Marketing Your Brand with Pinterest

pinterestThink that Pinterest is just for recipes and pretty home decor pictures? It may have started out that way but in recent years Pinterest has evolved to become a great platform for almost any kind of interest. It’s a great way to aggregate interesting information onto a virtual pin board. With over 10 million active users, its hard to ignore Pinterest. And chances are, your target clients are using it already.

So what can Pinterest do for your brand? A lot, as it turns out. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Get set up. Create an account for your business, using an image the represents your brand or your personal identity, that customers will recognize. Set up some boards that are relevant to your topics of interest. For example, if you’re a clothing company, you may have boards for dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. Even companies with less of a visual product can utilize Pinterest. Our account has boards for topics such as social media, entrepreneurship and marketing lessons. No matter what your field, you can find topics that interest you and others.
  2. Pin Away. Do some basic searches and find content that speaks to you and you think your followers will love. And don’t just pin mindlessly. Actually click on your pins and read the content–there’s a lot of junk (read spam) that gets posted with misleading titles.
  3. Connect. Find friends, colleagues and others with the same interests and follow them! To fill your feed with great content, you need to be following great people. That means following thought leaders as well as personal contents. The more people you follow, the more inspiration you will find.
  4. Interact. Pin others’ content as you see fit. Don’t forget to comment on posts as well. You can also share pins and send them to other users. See an article or blog post that might interest a colleague? Send the pin their way. It shows that you’re not in it just to promote your own work, you’re also there to share with others. Don’t forget to thank others for repinning your content.

Now, are you ready to dive right in to Pinterest? Follow us and we’ll follow you back–we love to see great content! Http://