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Social Media Trends: Privacy Concerns

new-piktochart_548_f9bddb29572a5745566a34f84636760d3162b64cPrivacy concerns are definitely at the forefront of social media users’ (aka everyone’s!) mind these days. Almost every week we’re hearing about a new data or security breach and it’s scary to think that our most private data–financial info, private data, photographs–could end up in the hands of a criminal. Users are becoming more and more aware of the importance of their privacy and data safety, especially since large-scale hacks and data breaches have been publicized (does the name Ashley Madison ring a bell?). As the world is getting more social online, people are fierce to protect what little privacy they have and what they share.

As more users hop on board with social media, they are demanding that their private information stay private. And answering to users’ privacy concerns can have huge advantages for social media platforms. For example, Snapchat didn’t really explode on the scene until it tightened up its security measures and made users feel more secure on the app.

For marketers, that means that its crucial to stay on top of the constantly changing privacy policies of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Makes sure that you adhere to the rules, or you could face expulsion. Keeping your customers’ privacy should be one of your top concerns. Doing so will help establish and maintain trust.