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Social Media Trends: Publishing Platforms

new-piktochart_548_6b2531c61b41b2d52ad34b2324479a1b2067ce4fAnother social media marketing trend that we’ve been keeping an eye on is the publishing platform. We saw this emerge with Linked In’s Publisher and it has only gained momentum. This tool allows you the option to publically publish articles such as blog posts and company announcements, etc.

This tool can help give your content a lot more visibility. Firstly, it makes your posts searchable via Linked In’s search bar. It’s a great way to establish you as an expert in your field and subject matter, leading to, you guessed it, more connection opportunities. This content has the potential to go viral, with options for liking and sharing.

Facebook’s Instant Articles is a similar tool that has been gaining popularity. Users can publish articles for Facebook users that lets them stay within the app, not forced out to an external source. Social media channels like Facebook want to maximize the amount of time users stay within the app, so they have started offering more and more options for businesses to publish their content within the platform.