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Social Media Trends: Video

videotrendsWe’ve said it again and again–video is huge right now. People don’t want to just read blog posts and social messages; they want to see them in action. YouTube is one of the obvious big players in the video realm and we still love it, but 2016 is taking video a step further.

With the introduction of apps like Periscope and Meerkat, livestreaming video is the biggest trend in video for 2016. Even the more mainstream platforms like Facebook and YouTube have added a livestreaming option. Snapchat has quickly risen to be one of the biggest social apps and its quick and disappearing video capabilities has shown that personalized and sometimes unpolished video is appealing to the masses. Audiences are enjoying the more “real” side of their favorite bloggers, businesses and friends.

There is definitely a time and place for polished and professionally filmed video, and we’re not suggesting that you drop that. But users are being drawn to the raw, realistic kind of filming that makes up livestream. You get to see the realistic behind-the-scenes details. It has the same appeal as live television. For the most part, it’s unedited and unfiltered, making brands more relatable and personable. Consider filming things like behind-the-scenes of special events or company announcements. It makes your customers feel more involved.