Social Media

The Basics: Starting Your Facebook Business Page

facebookpageMaybe you’ve just now decided that it’s time to get started with social media. Some business owners are embarrassed to admit that they haven’t jumped on the social media train yet. Don’t worry! We work with clients big and small, clients who already have a pretty extensive social media plan, and those who don’t know Twitter from Snapchat. Everyone has to start somewhere. So today we’re talking about the most basic way to get started with social media: a Facebook page.

The Benefits:

  • People can find you! When you’re looking for a business, what’s the first thing you do? Most people Google it. What’s the next step? Search Facebook. And now, many more people are making Facebook their first choice for searching for a business, particularly a local one.
  • It’s low-cost. Signing up for a Facebook page is absolutely F-R-E-E. So why wouldn’t you? The only thing it’s going to cost is time, or a nominal fee if you outsource it.
  • It’s a hub for connecting with potential and current clients. You can solve customer service issues, showcase referrals and talk to potential clients all in one place.
  • You’re connected all the time. Facebook is compatible with almost all devices, so whether you’re in the office on your desktop or traveling with your smart phone,  you’ll know the second someone wants to connect with you.
  • And finally, everyone is on Facebook. From seniors to teens, it’s very likely that your audience is hanging out here.


Build Your Audience

Now it’s time to connect with current and potential clients and customers. The most important way to make Facebook work for you is to build your audience. Who do you want to target? What is their age group and demographic group? What kind of content do they want to see? How can you help them?

  • Invite your friends to like your page. Unfortunately, there is no way to invite people to like your page unless you are already “friends” with them on Facebook. But your friends can be a great resource! After all, what is more effective than word-of-mouth marketing? When your friends like your page, then all of their friends will see that they liked it, which exponentially expands your disability. You’re also making your connections more aware of your business, so they’ll be more likely to recommend it to one of their connections.
  • Talk about it. Have a speaking engagement? A meeting with a client? Encourage them to like your page. Don’t forget to place that recognizable Facebook icon on all your marketing collateral, websites and email exchanges. Another effective method of building your audience is to invite your email contacts to like your page.
  • Create social media based promotions. You can offer incentives to clients, like announcing discount codes via Facebook, or contests that take place on Facebook. Just make sure you check the rules for promotions on Facebook, as some things are NOT allowed.
  • Consider posting an ad on Facebook. Facebook ads are low-cost and surprisingly effective. You can also tailor your ad so that it reaches your target audience, whether that’s a specific age group or only locals. Here’s some great info about getting started with Facebook ads

And finally, another great way to optimize your social media marketing, including Facebook and all other platforms, is to hire an expert! Luckily we know one . . . call CommuniTech today to learn about how you can take your social media to the next level!