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The Versatility of Video: Customer Focused

Our final installment of our “Versatility of Video” series is all about your customers! We’re talking about how to use customer-focused marketing in video format. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well it’s certainly not complicated to focus on your customer, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Customer-focused marketing is the process of determining your customers’ needs and wants in order to drive your marketing initiatives. What needs and desires drive your customers to make their buying decisions? Well, let’s take this promotional video we did for American HealthTech for example. AHT had recently been acquired by another company, CPSI. This caused some chatter in the industry, and AHT wanted to address their clients’ concerns that AHT would be disappearing. They used the tagline “We’re not going anywhere but up” to help quell any fears and to represent the acquisition as a positive change that would facilitate growth.

The primary customer-centric marketing technique that we employed was gaining the customer’s trust. We wanted AHT’s clients to feel like the people on the video were speaking directly to them, so we did just that. The people that we had speak on the video looked directly into the camera and addressed with client as “you”.

This video served as a way to nurture AHT’s relationship with their customers. In the middle of a huge corporate transition, it made a promise of trust.

How have you used customer-centric marketing to gain or maintain the trust of your clients?