The Versatility of Video: Customer Testimonials

One of our favorite ways to utilize video is to show customer testimonials.

The customer testimonial is a very important and powerful marketing tool that everyone should have have at their disposal, as long as they’re doing a great job. As a potential client, nothing is more convincing than hearing about a current customer’s experience, straight from their mouth. We trust the opinion of a non-biased person way more than we trust what the company itself is saying. If a current or past customer had a great experience with a company, chances are we will too.

When we’re marketing for a great product or service, we often prefer to let the customers do the talking. With video, you can do that quite literally. It’s much more powerful to see the person talk about their experiences than to read a quote off of a website or print. It also creates a sense of familiarity and feeling of trust.

We like to get testimonials from all different types of customers, from the CEO that is making the decisions, to the people who are dealing with the product or service on a daily basis. Check out this video we did for American HealthTech, utilizing a client testimonial from First Atlantic:

We talked to several key personnel, getting opinions from the CFO, Director of Accounts Receivable, an AR specialist, . Getting testimonials from these two different roles in the organization gave potential clients information from several different perspectives.

As long as you have satisfied customers, you should have people who are willing to provide a testimonial. Make a habit of checking in with customers and asking if they’d ever be willing to give a testimonial on film. When you’re running a successful business, you’d be surprised at the number of people who are willing to vouch for you!