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The Versatility of Video: Event Promotion

We’re willing to bet, that no matter what industry you’re in, you have plenty of events to attend. Whether you’re taking part in a trade show, hosting a conference or throwing an opening night celebration, there are plenty of opportunities to use video to promote these events.

You may think of event promotion only in terms of pre-event planning, but we prefer to think of even promotion in three phases: pre-, during, and post. Events give your company visibility and you should utilize every phase of event planning and execution to show off your strengths.

So you may have plans for promoting your event plenty of time in advance in order to draw more attendees. But what about those second and third phases?

During the event, you’re going to have countless opportunities to gather content for your blog, website, videos and other marketing tools. We always make sure we take advantage of these opportunities. Your biggest asset is the people, so we like to take this time to talk to as many people as possible, ideally in front of the camera.

A few months ago we attended the AHCA Annual Convention and Expo with our client, American HealthTech. This was one of their biggest shows of the year and we wanted to make sure we got plenty of content for video promotions. To promote during the show, we thought the obvious choice was Facebook Live. We went live from the expo hall floor for a fun Q & A session with different attendees. The broadcast was lively, informative and best of all, accessible.

We decided to take a fun an organic approach to the post-event promotion, filming real conversations with people at the show. What we got were honest opinions from real clients and prospective clients and AHT key personnel. We put all of these together in an upbeat highlight reel, that not only showed off AHT’s presence at the show, but also appealed to prospective clients. You can check it out yourself:

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